Finally, The Pain Is Gone!!!

I have suffered with chronic, acute sciatica due to several herniated discs for over three years. With several bouts a… Read more “Finally, The Pain Is Gone!!!”

Judy Herrmann

The answer I’ve been looking for =)

About 5 years ago I hyper extended my MCL, which caused a partial tear and subsequent scar tissue in my… Read more “The answer I’ve been looking for =)”

Stephen Douglas

My Parkwood Healing Story

I have a history of knee problems related to sports activities. Unfortunately this summer I hurt and aggravated both my… Read more “My Parkwood Healing Story”

Grant Harding

New Lease on Life

I am a small business owner for 35 years and have always pushed myself. I have been suffering from Lower… Read more “New Lease on Life”

Stephen Szuhai

My Experience

My experience with Intravenous Blood Laser Irradiation I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2017. My Neurologist encouraged my… Read more “My Experience”


Forgot I Was Injured

I’d had sports related groin-pulls in the past and I expected to take weeks to heal. After one laser treatment,… Read more “Forgot I Was Injured”

Rebecca A

100% Improved!

When I came for an assessment with Jeffrey Szostek, I had been suffering from a number of ailments, which I… Read more “100% Improved!”

Beja Rodeck

Try Laser Therapy!

I would encourage anyone with arthritic joints or back issues to try Laser therapy.

Kerry P

Can Walk Long Distances Again

I had severe arthritis in both knees and was looking at surgery. After 17 treatments, the swelling in my knees… Read more “Can Walk Long Distances Again”

Kerry P

Gave Me my Life Back!

I have been a professional plumber for 31 years and in 2012 after suffering severe crippling pain in my knees… Read more “Gave Me my Life Back!”

Dan Payne

Happy to Have Found Dr. Szostek

I would like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Szostek for curing me of an extremely painful bone spur in my neck.… Read more “Happy to Have Found Dr. Szostek”

Kim Unroe

I’m Back to Normal

Since my treatment in 2013 at Parkwood Massage for neck pain that was radiating down into my hands, I am… Read more “I’m Back to Normal”

V. Spange

I Cannot Speak Highly Enough

In the fall of 2012 I had a relapse of my herniated disk in my L4-L5,. The pain was so… Read more “I Cannot Speak Highly Enough”

Jackie Gilkes

A Second Chance

I feel the laser treatments with Mr. Szostek have given me a second chance at enjoying my life and family.… Read more “A Second Chance”


Before and After – Ulcer

94 years old woman with years history of type I diabetes. Treatment of diabetic ulcer. The ulcer has been treated… Read more “Before and After – Ulcer”

Before and After – Foot

It is quite difficult to show visually the progress in recovery from disk herniations, restoring normal joint function or elimination… Read more “Before and After – Foot”