The answer I’ve been looking for =)

About 5 years ago I hyper extended my MCL, which caused a partial tear and subsequent scar tissue in my left knee. After about 6 months of painful osteopathic therapy, the injury was partially healed but it still bothered me on and off for a long time. In 2017 I tore my rotator cuff. That injury wasn’t severe enough to warrant surgery but it was still bad enough to cause me great pain and discomfort. After a year of very painful osteopath, vacuum cupping, acupuncture and massage, I regained my range of motion but I was still left with severe pain in the joint.

Enter Jeffrey, Sarah, and Dr. Lockner from Parkwood PT. My uncle who was also dealing with a serious knee injury recommended them to me. From the very moment I walked into the clinic, I knew I was in the right place. The staff at Parkwood PT are amazing human beings, and their expertise and philosophy surrounding health are like no other I’ve ever experienced. Coming here to treat these lingering injuries has been a truly healing, refreshing, and positive experience.

My shoulder is in the best shape it’s been since 2017. Following the PRP and laser treatments, the pain is completely gone and I’m slowly staring to get back into the gym. I just had my knee treated today (Saturday March 2nd 2019) with PRP and laser, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be fully healed in short while. Parkwood PT is the real deal! They helped heal by broken body and lift my spirits. I cannot thank them enough.

Stephen Douglas