New Lease on Life

I am a small business owner for 35 years and have always pushed myself. I have been suffering from Lower back pain for 30 plus years with the last several years becoming very challenging even to get up and out of bed in the morning. Through multiple doctor visits and multiple MRI’s it was confirmed that I have Spondylolisthesis. The option presented to me by the doctor was Pain Killers for the rest of my life. Based on what I have recently been seeing about pain killers I was not interested in going down that avenue.

After seeing some incredible results from a family member, I inquired what he was doing to make his situation better and that is how I met Jeffrey at Parkwood massage and Laser. I started with the topical and now do the intravenous blood laser irradiation.

I get up in the morning, Pain Free, sleep better now than I ever remember, I do not take any type of pain killers and enjoy golfing again.

Enjoying the New Lease on Life

Stephen Szuhai