My Parkwood Healing Story

I have a history of knee problems related to sports activities. Unfortunately this summer I hurt and aggravated both my knees in the same week. I heard about Parkwood from my mother-in-law, who gets treatment there for arthritis. I thought it could be a non-surgical, non-chemical way to speed knee healing, keeping me mobile and active, necessary for aspects of my work.
I have been treated with light therapy at Parkwood for a few months now, starting with the external Bio-Flex and once confidence was gained, graduating to a combination of the internal Weber and external Bio-Flex techniques.
Almost immediately the average pain in my knees was reduced. The local “touch point” pains, I presume associated with significant tissue damages have been more stubborn, but now are in remission, expected to be fully healed in the next short while.
Jeffery and Sarah are skilled, knowledgeable and friendly people, who are always ready to explain what they do and how it works without any condescending manner.

Grant Harding