My Experience

My experience with Intravenous Blood Laser Irradiation

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2017. My Neurologist encouraged my husband and I to research four drugs that were available for slowing down the ravages of this incurable disease. Our research indicated that these drugs were only 30 per cent effective in slowing down the disease and that there were serious side effects to each medication. I was more interested in managing the disease with vitamin therapy and a diet free from gluten and sugar.

A friend encouraged me to try Intravenous light therapy as she had seen remarkable improvements with an MS Client at Parkwood massage and laser therapy. WE read the information available on the process and I decided to give it a try.

Three days after taking light therapy, I noticed a dramatic change. I was no longer exhausted. For the past two years, I had found it hard to do any activity in the evening. It had become normal for me to start making a dinner and then ask my husband to complete it, as I had to go to bed. Even when company came over I would have to sneak off for a nap, as I couldn’t keep my head up.

After the first five days of treatment, we had friends over for dinner and I managed to complete the meal and stay up with our visitors for hours into the evening. I recently did some spring-cleaning and hard work for three days in a row without feeling tired. This would have been impossible in the past.

My sleep habits have been poor since we had our first child, 33 years ago, but now it is normal for me to sleep eight hours, often without waking until morning. I wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

My balance is also gradually returning. For the past several moths I had been afraid to venture out on my own because my walking was so unstable. I bought big, heavy orthopaedic shoes to help with my stability, as I was aware that even a slight crack in a sidewalk could result in tripping. I couldn’t recover my balance; I could only crash to the ground.

I can now stop and change direction without effort and can use stairs without clinging to the handrail. Recently, I tried on a pair of normal loafers and found I could walk in comfort without pain or stability issues.

My circulation has also improved. For many years, me feet and legs were continually cold and it was challenging to keep them warm, especially at night. Now my legs and feet are warm

I have found that my cognitive abilities also seem to have improved. I am able to retrieve the right name and right word much more often the in the past.