Finally, The Pain Is Gone!!!

I have suffered with chronic, acute sciatica due to several herniated discs for over three years. With several bouts a year I would end up with drop foot and using a cane. Every step I took would be more pain than I could bear. I tried everything over the years – numbing injections, physio, massage therapy, anti-inflammatories, nerve blocks, high doses of medication for pain – you name it and I tried it. My last option left was surgery which I did not want to do. Nothing worked. The pain would last for months with no relief. I was defeated – then I was referred to Parkwood Photodynamic Therapies and I found Jeffrey and Sarah!!! They are so compassionate and knowledgeable and they knew exactly what to do and wasted no time in getting started. I started with Bioflex Laser Therapy followed by Interstitial and Intra-Articular Laser Therapy and PRP. A short time later – the pain was gone!! Pain that would normally last for 10+ months was gone in just a couple of weeks! I couldn’t believe it! I have my life back and have found comfort in the fact that when and if I experience another bout of sciatica I now have the solution and the pain will be short lived. Thank you Jeffrey and Sarah!!!


Judy Herrmann