Gave Me my Life Back!

I have been a professional plumber for 31 years and in 2012 after suffering severe crippling pain in my knees for months, I found some relief from anti-inflammatory drugs. Although these drugs helped, they were temporary. As soon as I stopped taking them, I was in pain again. On the advice of my doctor, I decided to try Bio Flex laser therapy.

I had never heard of this therapy before and was sceptical. But, nothing else was working. After just a few treatments, I was surprised that the pain level was receding. After several treatments, my knees felt almost pain-free. I still had some aches and discomfort, but, much, much better than before treatment began.

I had 12 one-hour sessions over a one month period, at the end of which I felt great, and now 5 months later, I am still pain-free. Walking, working, going up and down stairs, even kneeling does not bother me anymore.

This past winter, in 2013, I even went snowmobiling again with no pain. I am so glad I went to Parkwood Massage & Laser Therapy and met Jeffrey. He has given me my life back with this amazing Bio Flex laser therapy

Dan Payne