I’m Back to Normal

Since my treatment in 2013 at Parkwood Massage for neck pain that was radiating down into my hands, I am happy to say that the relief I got from those treatments has made my life immeasurably more comfortable and I feel like I’m back to normal.

The discomfort I was experiencing was affecting my daily activities and general enjoyment of life. The tension and pain in my neck, upper back and tingling in fingers of my left hand have been alleviated. Although I have great respect for traditional medicine, it has its limitations with regard to helping patients. I was very grateful to have the option of a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive procedure that successfully treated my condition.

Because of my success, my husband started treatment with Jeffrey for a very painful and debilitating back/sciatic condition. He is now back to normal and able to go about his daily routine. We are both grateful and very happy with our results.

V. Spange