Joint, Spinal and Soft Tissue Regeneration

BioFlex Laser Therapy has been developed and researched in Canada for over 20 years with dramatic success in relieving chronic pain and restoring tissue damage caused by arthritis, infection or injury. Weber Endolaser and Ondamed Technology have both been developed in Germany, and has more than 25 years of studies, research and multiple treatment applications securing desired outcomes without risks, and side effects.

The majority of modalities employed at Parkwood Photodynamic Therapies are non invasive, and all of them are safe and applied without lingering side effects. Unlike pharmaceutical treatments that simply mask the pain, and often result in further deterioration, side effects and more damage of the injured tissue, our therapies provided by cutting edge technologies help cells to regenerate, rebuild and restore. The damaged tissue becomes regenerated and actually healed. Restoration of anatomical continuity and return of function is achieved.

Energy is a currency of good health, strength and feeling of well-being.

At Parkwood Photodynamic Therapies using the above mentioned cutting edge technologies we are able to regenerate joints, spinal column segments, repair discs, injured nerves and deteriorating cartilages. We help to restore normal function of the physiological systems of the human organism and return your body to adequate digestion, proper nutrients assimilation and absorption that result in high level of energy production.

Through thorough analysis, using individual lifestyle information, observations, and background analysis, we can offer wellness counselling, dietary advice, and nutritional programs.


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A Second Chance

I feel the laser treatments with Mr. Szostek have given me a second chance at enjoying my life and family.… Read more “A Second Chance”



Our Services

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy provided at "Parkwood Photodynamic Therapies" is used as a supporting modality treatment to assist regeneration and total rehabilitation provided by the BioFlex Laser technology.

Bioflex Laser Therapy

Bioflex Laser Therapy is a safe, non-toxic, non-invasive, drug-free solution to pain. The process is curative in nature and therefore results in the elimination of pain, increasing joint mobility, reducing inflammation and swelling as well as the regeneration of cartilage.

Photodynamic Therapy

Use of both Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation Therapy and Interstitial & Intra-articular Laser Therapy has shown to provide a significant improvement in overall performance, improvement in sleep and vigilance, positive effect on the general mood, regeneration of damaged tissue structures and anti-inflammatory effects.


ONDAMED is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The device produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “jump-start” cellular activities.